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Monday, April 19, 2010

Use a Call to Action to Market Yourself

I just read a great blog post on Employment Digest about 4 great Tips for a Cover Letter.  It mentions a call to action.  I would like to explore this idea a bit further.

A call to action for those of you who are not in the marketing and sales industry is a statement in your letter or "advertisement" that makes a statement to cause the reader to want to act upon that statement.  A couple of examples are:  Call within the next 24 hours to save $.  Click here to print your coupon. Link here to read more tips to help you get back into the workforce.

When you are writing your cover letter the article on Employment Digest suggests that your call to action should be to ask for the interview. Asking for the interview is similar to car salesman or real estate agent asking if you are ready to make an offer on a car or property at which you have just been looking.

If you don't ask, they may not feel compelled to take any action at all.

Once you have had the interview and you are sending your thank you note, you may want to include a call to action that invites the interviewer(s) to view your website, read your blog or invite them to call you with the job offer!

Your thoughts?

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