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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

14 square inches of space

How often do you see in the paper an event advertised that is taking place in your community where businesses will be represented.  If there is a small fee for admission or no cost for admission, you might want to make sure that you attend the event.  It is a perfect networking opportunity.

If, for example, the cost of admission is a business card, you should be prepared.  Just because you may not be currently employed, does not mean that you cannot have a business card.  In fact, it is a perfect opportunity to use 14 square inches of space to your advantage.

Office supply stores sell business card stock as do many discount retailers.  Software programs are available with templates for business cards, or you can create one very simply in Microsoft Word if you know some of the basics.  Use the front side of the card to provide your basic contact information that should include name, address, phone(s), email, website address (if you have one), and a link to any of the other social media sites you are using to network for your job search.  A job title that would normally appear on a corporate business card would be replaced with your area of expertise, for example, Marketing Coordinator as an exact title could become a simple switch to Marketing Professional or Social Media Specialist depending upon what direction you wish to pursue.

Use the back side of the card to list your skills in bullet format using action verbs where possible. For example using our Marketing Coordinator position and skill set:
  • Instructor for social media formats
  • Graphic designer in multiple formats
  • Editor for e-news and blog
  • Creative writing
  • Editorial writing
  • Photographer
If you have portfolio type items, include a link to an on-line portfolio where contacts you meet can view your work.  If you need additional assistance creating a resume, enlist the assistance of a Career Resource Professional at an Illinois workNet Center near you.  To find other resume resources, visit

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