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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What does your email address say about you?

I am responsible for adding names and email addresses to our e-news letter contact list.  I read some very interesting and sometimes amusing email addresses.  Others are pretty mundane or maybe even boring depending upon your take on the situation.

But let's discuss for a few moments the effect your email address, twitter handle or blog name will have on a potential employer or business associate.

  • If you are a sports fan that is great, but what if you are a Cubs fan and the person you are trying to impress with your credentials absolutely detests the Cubs?
  • You are a family man and your email says Smithfam6@ what ever service you use.  A potential employer can get a clue as to your personal life without you saying a word.
  • Your email address references part of your anatomy or romantic interests and isn't quite appropriate if you are trying to do business with a very conservative organization.

The point is that you need to save those "personal" email addresses for your private correspondence.  It is very easy these days to set up a new email account on one of the web based services like gmail, hotmail or yahoo.  Try to use your first and last name so that someone will be able to identify you easily should they want to contact you.  If you have a common name such as John Smith, perhaps you can use a period or a number to associate with your name and it will still sound professional.

What are your thoughts?