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Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where the jobs are in 2011

In the 1-9-2011 issue of the Wall Street Journal Sunday was an article discussing where you will find jobs in 2011.  Here is a synopsis of what they said:
  • Service jobs - retail, IT, tech jobs
  • Health care - nurses, medical scientists, physician assistants, skin-care specialist and dental hygienists
  • Information Technology - to upgrade and customize equipment, provide technical support and to teach people how to use the upgrades.
  • Financial Services - as business builds, lending activity will increase
  • Scientific and technical jobs -research and development positions for companies to bump up production
  • Sales and customer service positions
  • Business development and marketing

Temporary positions - as businesses begin to expand, temporary positions will fill the need of additional employees without taking on the overhead of actually hiring them onto a companies' payroll.

Avoid public sector positions and non-profit organizations that depend upon government contracts. There will be cuts that will impact positions in both of those areas.