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Monday, April 4, 2011

60 Seconds

You have 60 seconds, GO!

What just went through your mind?  Did you have a formulated plan to share your name, your expertise, your immediate goal, your pitch? How much time did it really take - 10 seconds, 20 seconds?

Speed networking, elevators, standing in line at a fast food place, picking up your kids from soccer, or anywhere you are with people with whom you may strike up a conversation, you never know who you will run into that might need someone who does what you do. If you are trying to promote your personal brand or your corporate brand you need to be prepared.

Soooo many other articles have been written about this topic, including on this blog, but this is the first time I have seen a tool to help you hone in on the exact words you need to use to consistently share your message.

Check out this website  It addresses the who, what, why and the goal of your pitch.  This tool promotes using a base, but encourages you to be flexible in your approach.  While you may practice what you would say, you need to be able to go in a different direction rapidly should the conversation take off sooner than later.

Give it a try and check back here to tell us what you think!