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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Social Networks - How Secure are you?

You thought you had your privacy settings established. You are sure you have Facebook locked down. You are applying for jobs.  You may be getting interviews but you aren't getting any offers.  Are you sure your Facebook posts aren't your downfall?

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you know that you need to keep that professional in appearance and language.  Twitter posts are fleeting, but still can show up in a Google search.  Now what about your Facebook posts? 

When you are in the job market, you need to "clean up your act" and your posts!  I recently read about a website .  This website allows anyone to search for any person or topic and not have to have a facebook account or be your friend.  If your posts are not protected properly, you may be showing off some characteristics that you may not want an employer to find out about. Check it out. Type in your name, type in a company name, type in a phrase (looking for a job) or keyword.  Look at the posts and the pictures. What did you find out?

Again, if you are in the job market, change your profile picture to something more professional, be sure that what you "share" is something you would want your grandmother to read, and protect your posts so that your private thoughts (as private as a facebook post can be) do not destroy your chances at getting a job.