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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What resume format is good for you?

What type of resume should you use?  Here is a brief explanation of the types and who should use what:
  • Chronological Resume - Information is organized in a date order.  Focus is on employment dates and job titles, highlighting your most recent experience.
  • Functional Resume - Highlights your skills, experience and accomplishments without identifying specific dates and places
  • Combination Resume - brings the best of both formats together.
Chronological format is best used by individuals with a steady work record who have experience that directly relates to the position for which you have applied. Good - It is logical, showcases growth, promotions and company loyalty.  Bad - It emphasizes frequent job changes, limited or lack of experience, and set backs or demotions.

Functional resume - is best used by individuals just out of school, who have gaps in employment, frequent job changers, or individuals who have gained skills from areas outside of documented employment (possibly volunteer work).  Good - emphasizes skills rather than employment, disguises gaps in work history, and organizes a variety of experiences. Bad - loses direction because of lack of focus, deemphasizes job growth.

Combination resume - good format for those individuals in career transition or re-entering the job market after an absence.  Good - highlights most relevant skills and accomplishments, De-emphasizes employment history in less relevant jobs, Combines skills developed in a variety of jobs or other activities, and Minimizes drawbacks such as employment gaps and absence of directly related experience. Bad - can be confusing if not organized, requires more effort to prepare.

Career Resource Specialists at the Illlinois workNet Centers can assist you in determining what format is best for you.  Visit one of our centers today!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Money $mart

Add $ to your pocket

The FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has developed a series of workshops to help people learn more about financial education, especially for those with limited or no banking experience. We hosted a similar series in November. It was very popular and is returning:
  • April 20 9AM - Noon - Elgin Illinois workNet Center
  • April 21 9AM - Noon - N. Aurora Illinois workNet Center

Our guest speaker is Juliana Hackel of Harris N.A. She will lead the following discussions:

  • Financial Strategies - understand how budgeting and savings prepares you for your financial health and well being.
  • To Your Credit- understand credit cards, how to responsibly use them, how to read a credit report & how to build and repair your credit history.
  • Loan to Own - understand general information on installment loans, including car loans and home equity loans, & Making Homes Affordable program.
To register call:
Elgin - 847-888-7900 x 230 or email
N. Aurora - 630-966-1435 x 40079 or email
Flyer Find out about all of our workshops link here