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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do you have PO?

No, I don't mean a post office box.  I mean po - lateral thinking Wiki definition.

I was introduced to this concept by a person who answered a question that I had asked on LinkedIn.  I was trying to figure out how to have my full-time job with KCDEE appear above a part-time family business job that I started more recently than I had started with KCDEE.

The person responded to my query with the term po and I was able to make enough of a change to accomplish what I wanted to do.

Po means to rethink how you are currently doing, thinking, selling, building, etc., to be able to address a potential new approach. It reminds me of a brainstorming Rorschach test, or possibly an "if = then" proposition.

Let's take this to the job search.  If you apply the "po" principle to your job search - the question may be "Why am I not getting interviews?"
po = become an entrepreneur
po = revise resume
po = change target
po = target specific companies
po = become a hermit
po = retrain for a new career

Which of your ideas are feasible and practical?  What can you actually accomplish? Which ones do you need help with to complete?  Do you know your resources?

What are your thoughts?