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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Career Goals 2011

What are your career goals for 2011?

Are you in the job search mode?
  • What new tools are you planning on using or learning to help in your job search? 
  • Do you already have a LinkedIn account? 
  • Are you going to check to see if it is being the most effective it can be for you?
  • Do you use Twitter to look for jobs?
  • Have you investigated the job search component of Facebook?
  • Are you networking?
  • Have you joined any new industry related associations?
  • Are you participating in informational interviews?
  • Have you decided to volunteer to keep your skills up to date?
  • Are you planning on changing careers?
  • Does that career change include learning new skills?
Are you working? What are your plans to enhance your current career?
  • Are you taking a class or learning something to keep your skills current?
  • Do you need to address a character flaw that is keeping you from a promotion?
  • What one thing can YOU change that would make your job easier?
  • What one thing can you address with your supervisor that would make your job easier?
  • Is this job a career or do you need to check into another path?
Are you going to school?
  • Will you be finishing your training this year and looking for a new job?
  • What are you doing now to network or prepare in advance for that job search? Check out the items above.
Do you have some personal goals that will make your life easier or improve your self-esteem level to give you a better outlook on life?
  • Do you need to be more fit or drop a few pounds?
  • Do you need to de-clutter?
  • Do you need to stop smoking?
Whatever or whereever you are in your life, you cannot reach a goal if you do not have one.  Set a goal, make a plan, and start working toward your goal.  If a long range goal is too scary, set several interim goals and reward yourself along the way. If you need to loose weight and your ultimate goal is 25 pounds, set those in 5 pound increments.  If you need a new job and make a plan that might include researching two new companies and what jobs they have to offer each week.  Add a new task as you go.

What other suggestions do you have?  What are your goals?