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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pay it Forward

Do you remember the movie "Pay it Forward" with Haley Joe Osment?  It was all about doing something nice for someone else.  Paying it forward can apply to every aspect of your life including your job search or your business growth.

When you are out networking you should adopt this very philosophy. By offering to help someone you meet with a recommendation or a referral you are paying it forward.  That person that you helped will remember what you did for them and will in turn work to repay your kindness.

I worked retail many years ago.  I knew my mall very well.  I managed a store that had a large variety of items so that when someone came in looking for an item, if I didn't have that particular item, I could tell the shopper exactly where they could find the item they were seeking.  When that shopper needed something that I did sell, they came back to shop in my store over and over.

Use your network to see how you can assist others in your network.  If you are using LinkedIn use the tools within the social media network to "Pay it Forward" by forwarding profiles to others who may be interested, answer questions asked in the "ASK" section, thoughtfully answering questions asked within groups, and sharing articles or information in your status updates. 

You never know where it might lead!