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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Resume Tools

I read a blog article about 10 things that you can do with LinkedIn of which you may not have been aware. One of them included the resume tool. I went in and set up my resume. It took about 20 seconds. Unfortunately, I would be better served by a combination resume and the tool only allows a chronological resume.

The LinkedIn tool is perfect as long as your profile is 100% complete, your profile reads the same way you would like your resume to read, and a chronological format is the approach you would like to use.

Another tool that we recommend can be found on in the Individuals pathway "Prepare" section. The tool within Illinois workNet will create and save up to 20 resumes for you.  You can pick from several templates including both functional and chronological.  There isn't a combination option posted, but you can always copy and paste from the workNet tool into a Word document.

A free tool that is available in the Career Resource Centers at an Illinois workNet Center is Winway resume creator.  This computer program allows you to select which of the three formats you would like to use and offers suggestions for tasks you may have completed based upon the job title that you enter.  Once you have all of your information entered, you may then go in and edit the description and tweak the resume to make it completely personalized to your experience.

Last but not least, the Illinois workNet Career Resource Centers offer free professional review assistance for your resume from our Career Resource Professionals, as well as workshops to help you with your resume and interviewing along with many other resources. 

What is the best resume tool you have found?

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