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Friday, August 13, 2010


Are you unemployed?  Are you still drawing unemployment insurance? OR are you a 99er?

Do you feel like you make more money on unemployment that you would if you went back to work?  Have you actually told an employer that?

Today I heard a story of a business owner who was turned down on a job offer he made to a person because that person could make more money on unemployment than going back to work.  Now, at this time, there is currently an extension in place for people who have recently been placed on unemployment and if they qualify after their initial 26 weeks expires that they MAY qualify for extensions up to 99 weeks.  The operative word is MAY qualify.

You may make more money on unemployment, but it will run out eventually.The extension is only promised until just after the upcoming election.  Can you afford to wait if you are offered a job?  What if further extensions don't come through?   

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