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Monday, July 26, 2010

Aggregators are like Farmer's at Harvest

How is that you ask? Farmers gather together all the crops at harvest time and bring them to market from which you can pick and choose vegetables for your use. Job aggregators gather together or “harvest” all of the jobs openings that are posted on various company web sites, so that you can pick and choose which job openings to which you could apply.
Most people have heard of the big internet job search sites like, and Have you heard about job aggregators? Aggregator sites search by keyword many company sites, job sites and newspapers. They find job postings by location and types of position. Then they aggregate or “gather into a whole” all of the postings they find. Some of the more widely recognized aggregators include:

  • Indeed – besides aggregating jobs from a number of locations, this site also offers information on job trends and salaries.
  • SimplyHired – this site works allows you to refine your search by type of job, company, location or the date the job was posted.
  • LinkUp – searching company career sections, this site updates whenever a company website is updated.
  • 4Jobs – offers email alerts when new jobs become available
  • Jobster – advanced options include searching by multiple keywords
  • QuintCareers – works cooperatively with but also offers career resources and articles
  • Seniors4Hire - businesses that value a diverse workforce to actively recruit folks in the U.S. 50 and older
  • Jobs4point0 - job opportunities for candidates 40 and over
  • RiseSmart – for a fee, a concierge service is available for job seekers with salary expectations over $100K
  • Illinois workNet - has a job search tool that aggregates all the jobs.  If you have a user account (free) you can even save certain searches to your profile.  KCDEE even offers a workshop on all of the other tools that has to offer.

While these aggregators are an excellent way to check all of the job search websites in a short amount of time, you need to not rely solely on these sort of search options. Utilize all of resources available to you.

What others tools are you using?

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