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Friday, May 14, 2010

TGIF or is it?

Today happens to be a Friday.  For me personally, it is the end of my workweek for KCDEE. Over the weekend, I will relax a bit, do some work around the house, AND I will check in on my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.  When I am out running errands or attending planned events, I will look to see if there is anyone with whom I can network.

I am not in the job search mode at this time, but I will continue to work on my network by trying to foster the relationships I have built.

What do you do over the weekend to either build your network or improve the connections you have made?  Do you use the time to build a plan for the coming week?  Do you look for free or low-cost community events where business owners may be promoting their services (and potentially seeking individuals to hire)?

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